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Open letter from Steve Baer


10 July 2022

[Dear Paul]

Have I clearly explained my fury over the sudden solar energy frenzy of the electric boosters? One can not explain fury clearly. When one is furious he is rarely clear.

We worked assiduously for decades to promote solar and those who furthered its use. Passive solar orientation, direct gain was essential. Money was saved by avoiding buying fuels and electricity. Slow progress! If any. Point streets E-W so that the buildings can face south. Old stuff. Long known and often practiced. The improvements can come from better glazing, better heat storage.

Along comes PV. Great! Make your own electricity. Make lots of it! Put it in the grid. A good idea, but not good enough to ignore passive solar. Building orientation, heat storage remain inexpensive ways to cut costs.

The proponents of PV electricity and wind generators can not stop claiming climate change. Yes, we always have some change: each century must have at least slightly diff[erent] temps and precip[itation]. My amateurish interest in the weather bureau’s reports of the hottest day of any particular date as well as their recounting floods, heat or cold waves, tornadoes etc. on the particular date make me skeptical of climate change. It has always been like this, too hot, too cold, too wet or too dry. At least somewhere.

We are victims of our inventions. Money — from long, long ago and electricity: quite recent. 

One can ship electricity anywhere. Our PV and wind generators send their power to California, a huge market. The frenzy against carbon is a play by the banksters to eliminate competition. Shame your competition. Accuse them of causing every hot day, tornado, etc. It works! Thoughtless govt. suckers fall for this and away we go! How can we fight it? Wake up! We can hardly expect people to forget how to count, so the banksters seem to have us. We shall see. It may be fatal. Private riches may entice us (they already have) into fatal bankster culture rather than a more healthy capitalist adobe culture. An adobe model and its healthy temp would be good, but who can introduce such? Anyone can help build with adobe. To manufacture heat pumps is not so simple. I don’t know what to do. Helpless victim — unless! People sometimes realize, or do they ever? The public will surely grow to hate the banksters, they already do but so what?

I probably am furious because the sudden shift in regard for solar. Earlier it was a more rare obsession. The adobe brick hydrates in high relative humidity. This heats up with enormous heat of vaporization of H2O, then during heat of the day it dehydrates. This complex effect has been overlooked. José is studying it but having trouble. Me too! What a fix. A perfect cause.