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A beautiful introduction to the world of crystal and mineral structures.

Build all 14 Bravais lattices, including all 7 simple crystal structures (which can be built simultaneously.) Explore shadows, symmetry, coordinate planes and more.

Teachers can build models for in-class demonstrations. Includes colorful, thoughtfully written and illustrated instructions that open up into a beautiful 22"x14” (56x36cm) poster. An inspiring introduction to the wonder of crystals!

Struts 179
Nodes 78
Total Parts 256
Parts Chart Supershort Short Medium
  Name 0 Short 1 Medium 2 Long
Blue B Blue 32 32 8
Yellow Y Yellow   31  
Red R Red   16 28
Green G Green      
Color Qty
Node 78

Nonstandard Parts
  Name Length Description Qty
Half-Green HG Half-Green 1 Medium Half-Green 32
Instructions Download
Recommended ages 12+
Parts included 256
Dimensions 4.74 x 4.75 x 8.75
Weight .85 lbs
UPC 709743200363

What do gold, ice and salt have in common? They are all crystals.