Curriculum Modules

Our all new and "ready-to-go" curriculum modules reflect a range of thinking as practiced in the real world, while incorporating best practices for teaching with Zometool.

zometool-education-kit.jpgAt Zome, we are continually developing investigations that (a) focus on a range of topics and concepts- K-College - across myriad disciplines, (b) supplement, support, and/or extend teachers’ own units or lesson plans, and (c) engage students in meaningful hands-on/minds-on work and learning. 

All investigations: 

  • align with national standards and include the overarching learning goals (essential questions, practices, and core content ideas);
  • are structured around a flexible sequence of inquiry-oriented learning experiences that can be adapted to differing levels of student readiness, ways of thinking and reasoning, and interests; 
  • include formative assessments, ready-to-go student handouts, and a generous colored visuals that depict how to use Zometool with students within these lessons; 
  • are designed to work in conjunction with the Zometool Education Kit. 



erlebnisland-26.jpgCURRENT MODULES (Click on each for more information): 

Grades 3-5: Classifying Triangles by Line and Angle Properties  

Grades 3-5: Classifying Quadrilaterals by Line and Angle Properties  

Grades 6-8: Pattern Sleuths: Exploring the Geometry of Soap Films & Bubbles







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