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Professional Development

Zometool Interactive Teaching Labs: Strengthening & Supporting Ambitious Teaching with Diverse Learners


At Zometool, our goal is to support and strengthen skillful teaching with a wide range of learners today. Our professional development associates are highly experienced and successful educators who have expertise in curriculum development, assessment design, differentiated instruction, and peer coaching - specifically in STEM fields. In integrating Zometool into everyday instruction and learning, our associates are available to work with you on the design and implementation of Interactive Teaching Labs that:  

  • are tailored specifically to educators’ learning goals, level of experience with Zometool, interests, and content taught.  
  • offer access to fully-developed and differentiated lessons that include the overarching student learning goals (big ideas, practices, knowledge), flexible learning sequences, student-ready handouts, formative assessments, and optional lesson modifications to better meet the needs of diverse learners. 
  • support and strengthen skillful teaching. Our labs focus on a variety high-leverage teaching practices such as: 
    •  driving inquiry-oriented lessons with big ideas, concepts, and essential questions; 
    • successfully eliciting and orchestrating rich thinking and discussion with Zometool in small groups; 
    • providing meaningful feedback to promote thinking and growth for both individual learners and groups; 
    • adjusting instruction to reach students’ differing levels of readiness, interests, and ways of thinking and reasoning.
  • engage teachers in ACTIVE and on-going learning! Teachers will have ample opportunities to “play” with the Zometool system, to experience Zometool as students in simulated content lessons, and to develop the expertise and confidence to use Zometool regularly in the classroom. 

Sample Professional Development Formats: Half to Multiple Day Teaching Labs or Workshops.  

  • Classroom visits in which a Zometool lesson is modeled “live”, followed by collaborative reflection. 

  • Let’s team up! Collaborative planning, implementation, and reflection on a Zometool lesson.  

  • Classrooms observation and feedback


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