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Kepler's Obsession


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Kepler Believed the universe was ruled by the relationship between 5 perfect bodies.

Are you ready to begin your cosmic domination? Look no further, we've got a limited close-out offer on a classic, out-of-print Zometool kit that was born in the year 2012. Once the last of these boxes are sold, this set will only be available naked or in simple packaging.

This set is arguably the Rosetta stone of Zometool. It demonstrates how the cubic worlds intersect with icosahedral symmetry. And it's all thanks to John Conway and his discovery of the most tightly packed nesting of the five platonic solids.

While searching for a system behind the relationships of the distances between the planets and the sun, the German mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) hoped to discover a "construction plan of the world".

Kepler spent his life searching for the music of the spheres, HOPING to prove that God determined the orbits of the planets by nesting the five "perfect" Platonic solids. But when he analyzed the data, he proved himself wrong. And being a good scientist, Johannes Kepler admitted it... and founded modern astrogeophysics!

So, grab this collectors set before it's gone forever and be the envy of all your friends who know about math and/or Zometool, which might not be that many..


Struts 120
Nodes 38
Total Parts 158


Parts Chart Supershort Short Medium
  Name 0 Short 1 Medium 2 Long
Blue B Blue 30    
Yellow Y Yellow      
Red R Red 12    
Green G Green      


Color Qty
Node 38


Nonstandard Parts
  Name Length Description Qty
Blue B Blue 1 B1 in Red 30
Blue B Blue 2 B2 in Yellow 12
Half-Green HG Half-Green 0 HG0 in Teal 12
Half-Green HG Half-Green 1 HG1 in Teal 12
Half-Green HG Half-Green 2 HG2 in Green 12

Instructions Download
Recommended ages 6+
Parts included 158
Dimensions 5.25" x 5.25" x 5.25"
Weight 0.8 lbs
UPC 709743200226

A 17th century genius attempts a Theory of Everything