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$156 Naked

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Creations you'll want to display.

Our shape-and-color coded struts are great when you are learning the ropes. But, let's face it, once you reach a certain level of sophistication, Colors can be a distraction.

Building in all-white or all-black is a little like re-discovering Zometool all over again.

Only 100 kits will be released.

Struts 558
Nodes 180
Total Parts 738
Parts Chart Supershort Short Medium
  Name 0 Short 1 Medium 2 Long
Blue B Blue 90 90 90
Yellow Y Yellow 60 60 60
Red R Red 36 36 36
Color Qty
Node 180

Instructions Download
Recommended ages 10+
Parts included 738
Dimensions 9" x 2" x 14"
Weight 3.3 lbs


Monochrome models. Cool, elegant, gorgeous.