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Zometool Lesson Plans

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Aligning Zometool with the Standards
Elementary through High School.

Written in a style that promotes discovery-based learning, the lesson plans are divided into basic, intermediate and advanced.

In addition to Geometry, the lesson plans encourage the exploration of topics like:

? Art: proportions and scale, symmetry, perspective drawing, mosaics, and architectural design;

? Biology: symmetries in fruits and flowers, Fibonacci sequences, cell structures; honeycombs, DNA

? Chemistry: basic molecules, Buckyballs and other complex molecules;

? Civics: city planning; resource distribution, role of art and design in society;

? Geology: crystallography

? Mathematics: geometry, numbers sense, progressions, algebra, trigonometry, Fibonacci sequences,

? Physics / Technology: perspective drawing, architectural structures, stresses and gravity forces, surface

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