Green Lines


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Green lines make Zometool more versatile and complex.

Green lines hijack the pentagonal (red) holes in the ball. But because of their design (double kinked) each strut can go into a hole in one of five different ways adding 30 new directions from each ball!


The most basic way to picture what the green lines do with a square. The green line is the diagonal line between corners.

Of course, this is just the beginning, Green lines open up a fascinating new world of building possibilities including truncations, ruled surfaces and some important basic shapes as well; for example, 2 of the platonic solids (tetrahedron and octahedron) can only be built properly with Green lines.

Struts 162
Nodes 60
Total Parts 222
Parts Chart Supershort Short Medium
  Name 0 Short 1 Medium 2 Long
Blue B Blue 6 12  
Yellow Y Yellow      
Red R Red      
Green G Green 48 48 48
Color Qty
Node 60

Instructions Download
Recommended ages 10+
Parts included 222
Weight 1 lb.
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Advanced struts for advanced minds.