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The Hyperdo


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Not Sci-Fi 4D, Math and Physics 4D.

Beautiful, amazing and deep; that is the Hyperdo in a nutshell.

Just as 3D objects can cast flat (2D) shadows, 4D objects can cast 3D shadows. THAT is what this model represents:

The Hyperdo is a 3D projection of a 4D object called the 120-cell (aka Hyperdodecahedron).

But instead of trying to understand these words, get your hands on this kit and enjoy this stunning model! 

Here's a YouTube video on building the Hyperdo by Kevin Kelly, Senior Maverick at Wired magazine (he co-founded Wired in 1993):


Struts 640
Nodes 330
Total Parts 970
Parts Chart Supershort Short Medium
  Name 0 Short 1 Medium 2 Long
Blue B Blue 180    
Yellow Y Yellow 200 20  
Red R Red 120    
Green G Green      
Color Qty
Node 330

Nonstandard Parts
  Name Length Description Qty
Red R Red 00 Hypershort Red 120
Instructions Download
Recommended ages 12+
Parts included 970
Dimensions 5.5" x 6.5" x 5.5"
Weight 1.79 lbs
UPC 709743200233

For 4D connoisseurs (and those of us who aspire to be).