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Resources for Educators

Help Zometool find its home in your classroom

Lesson Plans

Did you know that there are over 60 standards-aligned lesson plans that incorporate Zometool? You can download them from the list below, or purchase a hard copy of the lesson plans here.

Zome Geometry Book

Classic textbook for high school and beginning college classes, with 60 easy-to-follow activities and over 150 explorations, by George Hart and Henri Picciotto. Check out the Zome Geometry book table of contents here; purchase a hard copy here.

Challenge Cards

Download 20 provoking challenges that invite students to take a deeper look at the Zometool System and begin to unlock its power. Or check out our challenge cards here. Challenge cards are designed for classroom use or in any Zometool workshop.

Conduct a Zometool Workshop

Find out how to facilitate a Zometool workshop in your classroom, after-school program, teacher training event, or family game night. Of course, you'll need a lot of parts, but the kids will take it from there!

Dr. David Booth's Zometool teaching materials

Educator and mathematician David Booth's deep and refreshing Zometool teaching methods were forged in the classroom. His extraordinary life advanced the research and pedagogy of Hermann von Baravalle, Rudolf Steiner and Gerhard Kowalewski. Zometool founder Marc Pelletier lived with David's family on his pilgrimage from Steve Baer to Clark Richert.

Zometool in the Classroom

Covers 1) building tips, polygons, polyhedra, bubbles, stars, Fibonacci, and "red struts only" for all classrooms, 2) a quadratic equation, the Divine Proportion in notation, art, trigonometry and algebra for high school classrooms, and a cyclotomic polynomial of degree 5, algebraic integers and some trigonometry in the college classroom.

Introducing the Pentagon

"There are two luxurious paths into geometry, mathematical and artistic..." David challenges two build ever larger pentagons from two triangles he calls "arms" and "roofs." How many can you discover? How large can you go?

Construction Games with Kepler's Solid

David's translation of Gerhard Kowalewski's Die Keplersche Körper und Andere Bauspiele, a playful exploration of settlement games, the forgotten precursor of the matching rules of Penrose tiles and their 3(+)-dimensional cousins. Dr. Booth's appendix includes a div on using Zometool to model Kowalewski's games and related structures.

Geometrical Imagination

A warm introduction to Swiss mathematician Ludwig Schläfli, whose life and “pioneering work, so little appreciated during his lifetime”* catapulted geometry into the 20th century. *H.S.M. Coxeter, Regular Polytopes 

The Divine Proportion in the 20th Century

Combines Hermann von Baravalle's The Geometry of the Pentagon and the Golden Section with Gerhard Kowalewski's Construction Games with Kepler's Solid, including Dr. Booth's biographical notes about both authors